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Part of exhibition, may 2018 / outskirts of Denmark

This photograph was chosen as one of 12 for an exhibition interpretating quotes from the Book ‘Jungle’, dealing with human life in the outbacks of Denmark. The 12 pics represents 1 % of the photographs applied.




Weekly Winner Chosen Feb 2018

This panorama shot is part of the photography competition, subject: Aarhus European Cultural City 2017. Was one week’s winner and still have a chance in the big run. I’m fascinated by shooting panoramas, made with the camera. Today may cameras offers the option of a shooting mode, called ‘Sweep Panorama Shooting’. This can be difficult to practice, fast moving parts of the motive can be split into pieces, but if succeded, you may capture something very special. And one benefit is also, that elements left’n right will be positioned upright in contrary to using a wide angle lens.    


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17.12.2017, 13:05 Uhr


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Winner Photocompetition

This b&w panorama shot is among the winning photos in promotion of a 450 long bike route in Denmark.


Winner photocompetition/National Geographic

Printed pic in the danish edition of Natgeo

Winner of february month 2017 subject: B&W.

Link to the finnish website of NatGeo:

Virtual Reality Exhibition

Try something new - it's just a click away. Watch this virtual reality exhibition consisting of 12 photographs. Within 2 dimension, you can move around and look from different angles etc. 



Cover Photo

This winter motive chosen january 2017 by the danish radio channel P4/DR as cover photo. Wanna know how this pic was shot and how fast the car goes? Look here:

Exhibition january/february 2017

Worldscapes (photocompetition)

July 21, 2016

(Watch the chosen photo below)

500 Street Fortnighty Photo Challence

July 20, 2016

July 2016 / winning photo - can be seen here: